【天翊设计】TENYER DESIGN 流光艺境——昆明融创春城书院

30 Nov 2020


The rhythm of light and shadow is the prelude to the poetic space
Between heaven and earth, you can see the beautiful scenery
Mutual exploration of space, object and self
This is the beginning

虚与实的层叠碰撞        如闻其声 如临其境
The collision between the virtual and the real


The rich experience in life constructs our view of the whole world, and so is life. From complexity to simplicity, from the beginning of seeking root culture to integrating open posture, it is always a necessary way to return to freedom and self.


The dust-free white background is spread from far to near. The dark gray mirror stone mesa sets off against the shallow water surface. It looks like a corner of the lake. The mist comes slowly in the scenery light, and the emerald in the distance creates a remote landscape.


The crisscross dome echoes the reception hall. The interspersed water drop ornaments fill the imagination for the blank space. The wall is dotted with white pearlescent, restrained and implicit. The gold flowing lines in the cashier's room extend vertically. The white and yellow sofas are mellow and unique, and the rich and distinct layers of space are incisively and vividly interpreted in the same field.


现代与未来的叙事线索        一入云南 忘返流连

As soon as the narrative clues of modern and future enter Yunnan, they forget to return

2020. 初冬暖阳斜照,水色轻波,星河入梦,仿若水上城。前场的设计将到访者引入另一个雅静之地,水、植物、建筑与装饰物相映成画。点点绿意渲染,多了几分季节的生趣。在此之中,感受藏匿于其中的庄重闲逸。随光影造境的指引,御风而行。向往人、鸟、树木和谐共生,飞翔,自由。

In the early winter, the sun is shining, the water color is light, and the Star River is dreaming, just like a water city. The design of the front court will introduce visitors to another quiet and elegant place, where water, plants, buildings and ornaments form a picture. A little bit of green rendering, more than a few minutes of seasonal interest. In this, I feel the solemn leisure hidden in it. Follow the guidance of light and shadow to create the environment, and walk against the wind. Yearning for the harmonious coexistence of people, birds and trees, flying and freedom.


Space is generated by flow and movement. The curved corridor is like the ripple generated by the curvilinear water flow. As the modeling element of space, it has the energy to form dynamic vision, and generates a "fluid" space form. It has the viscosity and dynamic flow, and produces the fluid space that is known to people.


Through the plastic and smooth metal surface, it creates a continuous facade modeling and the continuity of spatial streamline. In the space, silent interpretation of modern art and future technology of urban feelings.


Large area stack of irregular three-dimensional curved surface, with smooth stacking deformation, create a pure situation like a new life, the natural feeling carved by light and shadow, like the endless changes of water in a long river. It's like a dream.


光与影时空对话        阿罗多姿 宛转其间
Space time dialogue between light and shadow


"Structure is the creator of light," says Louis Kahn. Space staggered ups and downs, light and shadow ups and downs, the texture of the object can be revealed. The ceiling of sand table area continues the design method of reception hall. The ornaments and glass walls of the sculpture form a curved shape with a sense of volume, creating a "billowing water surface" full of architectural feeling, and full of space tension.


In the sunlight, the lines are light and free. Space never blocks the pace of light, and the natural light intersects with each other. The artistic attitude of dark praise is interesting. The ground is made of dark gray texture stone, and the golden ratio of tone, line and shape creates the abundance of subtraction. When walking, there is always a surprise of "another village in the dark".


Instead of defining its style, materials, space and light, the atmosphere created by the combination is what designers want to express; we always need such time to return to nature in poetry. Eat a meal of Zhou Su, sing a poem, listen to a music, Gu Yicheng's present and future.

主案设计:郭栋 谢明珠
深化总监:唐瑞 李海
设计深化:孙海婷 毛娅荣 罗茂瑞
甲方设计团队:胡谦 尹枫炫 

Project Name: Kunming rongchuang Chuncheng Academy

Design Director: Deng zhuqin

Main design: Guo Dong, Xie Mingzhu

Deepening director: Tang Rui and Li Hai

Design deepening: sun Haiting, Mao Yarong and Luo maorui

Interior design: Chengdu Tianyi Decoration Engineering 

Design Co., Ltd

Enterprise website: www.cdtenyer.com project

Design team of Party A: Hu Qian, Yin Fengxuan

Project location: Kunming, Yunnan

Design time: April 2020

Completion time: October 2020